National Toilet Paper Day is Friday August 26th

Close your eyes for one moment…Imagine a world with no toilet paper.  WHAT? No toilet paper???  This is why we are dedicating this whole week as toilet paper awarness week…Beyond just toilet paper DAY.  (Did you even know there was a National Toilet Paper Day?)

According to Wikipedia…..Joseph Gayetty is widely credited with being the inventor of modern commercially available toilet paper in the United States. Gayetty's paper, first introduced in 1857, was available as late as the 1920s. Gayetty's Medicated Paper was sold in packages of flat sheets, watermarked with the inventor's name.

The use of paper for hygeine purposes has been recorded in China in the 6th century AD, with specifically manufactured toilet paper being mass-produced in the 14th century.  Modern commercial toilet paper originated in the 19th century, with a patent for roll-based dispensers being made in 1883.

Found on Mental Floss ~ Even though Queen Elizabeth I's godson invented one of the first flush toilets in 1596, commercially produced toilet paper didn't begin circulating until 1857. Quilted Northern, formerly Northern Tissue, advertised as late as 1935 that their toilet paper was “Splinter-Free.

Did you even know there was a Toilet Paper Encyclopedia?? 

50 B.C. The Chinese first made paper with short lengths of bamboo and then later added cotton linen rags which were soaked in   water and pounded into swollen pulp. This was then formed into sheets and dried.

2nd Century
   105 A.D: Ts’ai Lun, a Chinese court official, has his name linked to the invention of paper. Most likely, Ts’ai mixed       mulberry bark, hemp, and rags with water, mashed it into pulp, pressed out the liquid, and hung the thin mat to dry in   the sun.

8th Century 
Arabs were known to make writing paper and were the first to use linen in the process.

12th Century 
Spain, France & Italy had papermaking mills.

13th Century 
Germany had papermaking mills.

14th Century
England recorded locations for papermaking mills. Rags were the principal raw material and they were in short supply, thus limiting growth.

1391: The first toilet paper reported was used by the Chinese emperor. As a luxury item, only royalty had access to toilet paper. The paper was made in 2 ft x 3-ft sheets. The Bureau of Imperial Supplies began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet tissue per year.

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Thelma asks “Are You Doing More Harm than Good with Liquid Drain Cleaners”?

Are Caustic Liquid Drain Openers Harmful To Pipes?


Thelma asks “Are You Doing More Harm than Good with Liquid Drain Cleaners”?

Caustic drain openers like Liquid Plumber and Drano are intensely strong and dangerous household chemicals made to clear drain and pipe clogs. We’ve all probably used them at one time or another, and we have probably asked ourselves at some point about their safety and about whether they might damage drains and sewer pipes.

Drain Cleaning Products

There are a few things to keep in mind when using liquid drain cleaners:

  1. Caustic drain openers are okay for minor clogs, but they should not be used for major clogs. They can get trapped in your pipes and cause them serious damage. Remember, these are dangerous chemicals.
  2. There is also the danger of trapped drain openers mixing with other chemicals. There have been reported cases where a chemical eruption occurred due to mixing. This can cause severe chemical burns and blindness. If you do not know for sure what other chemicals might be present in the pipe, you should probably not try fixing the problem chemically. If you can’t snake the drain yourself, call the professionals at THE DRAIN CO.
  3. Repeated use of drain openers simply means you have a more serious, systemic problem with your drain lines. It is definitely not advisable to keep pouring them (or your money) down the drain. It’s not cost-effective and it’s a potential health threat.
  4. Drano and drain-off. It’s long been affirmed that these chemicals run off into groundwater and can potentially find themselves back in the potable (drinkable) water supply. So again, if it’s a minor clog, it’s probably OK to use it in a pinch. However, if you are concerned with our environment, you might want to stick to methods like hot water, Baking soda and vinegar and hand-snaking first. Again, if those fail to work, give us a call and we’ll come out and evaluate your situation.


  1. Keep in mind potential problems you may not see. There has been at least a few reported cases like the following: A gentleman pours one of the popular drain cleaners into the drain, two bottles in fact! Well, the drain clog cleared out. As time went on he noticed that his floor began buckling. As you might have guessed, the massive amounts of drain opener he used ate through the pipes and began doing physical damage to the structure of his home, costing him thousands of dollars in repair. There was extensive water damage under the sink and floors. Suffice it to say, this gentleman had to replace the sewer pipes and also had to repair the floor. If you are looking for a professional drain expert give THE DRAIN CO. a call. 818-344-1114.

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