Time – Minimum ChargesRegular Hours
Mon – Fri
7:00am till 3:30pm
3:30pm till 8:00pm
Double Time:
8:00pm till 7:00am
Small Lines 2" Lines

75.00 112.50150.00
Tubs, Basins, Kitchen Sinks, Toilets, Laundry lines, Laundry Sinks, Floor Drain Floor Sinks – For 2" lines only – If Roof Vent or Overhead access is necessary add 1/2 Charge. (Price includes Removing & Resetting Trap on first fixture only)112.50143.25187.50
Main Line w/Accessible 3" or 4" Clean Out 110.00165.00220.00
Stretch 3ft. or more, 4 -12 Stairs, Overhead Lines
Roof Vent Access –
(Price includes Machine Charge of $35.00)
Note: Over 13 Stairs additional $55.00 Over 30+ Stairs another $55.00.
** Additional charge may apply when working Electric Machine in Rain.
Sewer Line Inspections –
All inspections are recorded and will be sent via a link to your email address
250.00 & up
Hydro-Jet (2hr. Min)450.00 & up
Hydro-Jet with Camera

(At least one day notice "may" be needed for Hydro-Jet and/or Camera Service)
475.00 & up
Each additional Main and Branch Main Line 3" or 4" C/O75.0095.00105.00
Each additional 2" Fixture37.5056.2575.00
Main Line Remove & Reset Toilet (R/R Each addit'l toilet 1/2 price)165.00220.00275.00
Each Additinal 1/2 Hour37.5052.5075.00
Replace Wax Ring10.00-20.00
Junior Machine18.0018.0018.00
Remove & Reset Trap (1st. R/R Trap included)10.0015.0020.00
Yard Drains **PLEASE SEE DISCLAIMER155.00232.50310.00
each additional Yard Drain77.50116.25155.00
Clean Up Fee (flooded upon arrival) 55.0082.50110.00

……..Prices subject to change without notice……


**Yard Drains if not maintained yearly or bi-yearly can get to a point they cannot be cleared.  Please understand all time spent attempting to clear these lines is chargeable and payment will be expected upon completion.    (We may suggest lines be HydroJetted) 

 NOTE: There is a $25.00 charge for Acid or any type of caustic drain cleaner left in line

Saturday: Overtime till 2:00 P.M. after 2:00pm Double time

Sunday’s and all Holiday’s & Holiday Week-ends Double-Time all day long.

New Years Eve no calls will be scheduled after 4:00 P.M. (Available next business day)

Clean up charge: If there is a sewage mess upon arrival and we are unable to remove and dispose of in normal trash receptacle, we will notify you to call a restoration company immediately. If mess is something we can dispose of, there will be a minimum fee of $55.00 per hour, or $27.50 per half hour on regular office hours, charged at appropriate time rate.

Please note: If small lines, Main Lines or A/D(s) cannot be cleared due to excessive roots, heavy line accumulation, object stuck in line OR line damage, charges will still apply.

Service Call Charge: If we show up to an appointment and there is No stoppage upon arrival, no key, no one home or call is not cancelled with sufficient notice a $55.00 Service call will apply.


***Prices listed above are wholesale rates – ITEX customers subject to full retail rates.