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License #: 1021046

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THE DRAIN CO. family has been providing Preventative and Emergency Drain Service for Residential, Commercial and Multi-unit Properties in the Greater Los Angeles Area Since 1969. 


Try Our Maintenance Programs

If you’re like most people, you perform maintenance on your air conditioning systems, cars, and business equipment, etc. every few months or so. So why don’t you routinely have your home’s drains cleared? Your kitchen and bathroom drains are subjected to cooking grease, pieces of food, soap residue and hair daily, which eventually clogs your drains. Many times, the problem doesn’t originate with the drain itself, but is due to debris or tree roots that cause blockages in the sewer pipes.

By planning together, we can create a Maintenance Program, to ensure that your home’s drains will have less buildup, clogs, and other severe drain emergencies during the year. A Maintenance Program is your secret weapon against drain catastrophe.